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I'm 18 and mom is 37. she's asked me to paint her toe nails. Should I?

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Best answer: Yes..I think it's only fare considering you changed your diapers and So Much More... My mom is 56 and if she asked me... my answer would be : What Color..You want glitter or dots ect. :)

Best answer: I think Asian cultures have the most beautiful. Indian, Chinese, Indonesian...AMAZING and so colorful and rich and glamorous. Why? Because they keep with traditions that have been around for thousands of years. I know, a lot of those countries are becoming Westernized, which is sad, but these elaborate saris with... show more

Should I get one nipple pierced or both ?

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How should I enhance my beauty?

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Ok spare me the, your beautiful the way you are, beauty comes from within, I know chill. I just want to look prettier outside to feel more confident and stuff, I’ve been going through some stuff lately. Which Should I do: Permanent lip color Permanent eyeliner Tattooed brows Eyelash extensions / or tint

Do you prefer curly or straight hair?

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Poll would you ever have breast implants?

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What's the best job you've ever had?

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and why

Is the end near?

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How would you rate me?

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What colour are my eyes?

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Why do most people sleep while tanning?

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When did you get your first gray hair?

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Best answer: The first one I noticed appeared in my mid-twenties, I think. I'd been wishing for gray hairs for ten years, though - hehe - I guess I just liked the color, but also wanted to seem older. Ha! One of my best friends says she noticed her first gray hair around age 14! But, she's got less gray than I do... show more

What do you think of tattoos?

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I am a 19 year old girl, and I have always for the most part found tattoos to be classless. If I were to get a tattoo, it would only be to cover up a scar, in the memory of someone, or something like that. I would never get a tattoo just for the hell of it. Tattoos that are in places that you can cover up... show more

How to get all of the oil out of my hair lol.

Appropriate bathing suit for family reunion?

7 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 14 hours ago
The hotel at my upcoming family reunion has a pool. I assume there will be kids around but I'm not sure how old. This is the only swimsuit I own. Is it OK or should I buy or borrow a different one?