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Will IRS take my refund AGAIN?

14 answers · United States · 2 days ago
This past February the irs took all of my refund and put it towards my student loan. I still owe $5,000 so I set up a payment plan. Will the irs take my refund again in 2019?

Would you support a tax on non-renewable energy?

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If I have a variable annuity that is IRA (traditional) designated and want to "cash out" its value and place that cash into a different IRA (still traditional) at a different institution, does the cashing out invoke a tax penalty (even if I don't keep it and put it directly into another IRA)? If... show more

Tax pro plz help?

6 answers · United States · 18 hours ago
I worked 2 jobs this year one they didn’t take any taxes out and paid me in cash, I made 15000 and the other they took taxes out and I claimed 0 on the tax papers so they would take more, I made about 6000 at that job and not working at this time.. how much would I owe in taxes?

I am a student worker at my University and while filling out my w-4 form, I made a mistake. My federal income tax was not withheld. I filled out my taxes on TurboTax and now my adjusted gross income is way higher than when my wages were. Is there a way to fix my income on my tax return?

I want to know if I need to file taxes. I made $4000.?

15 answers · United States · 5 days ago

Best answer: In most cases: No, Failure to file a return is considered simple negligence and is not a crime. When someone does not file a tax return the IRS runs a substitute return using the worst case assumptions and if they think the person owes money they start collections and if they think the person is going to get a... show more

Best answer: If the loan is solely in your name, it will not affect them just because you are their tax dependent. If they cosign the loan for you, then the loan will show up on their credit report, and even if you are making all the payments, the bank will consider the fact that they (your parents) could be asked to make the... show more

Difference between Social insurance andcharity?

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Best answer: If you don't have enough money to pay the sales tax, You have to put it back and can't buy it. When you go shopping in states that have a sales tax, make sure you have more money than the items cost so you can pay the sales tax that is added on after everything is totaled up,.