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for instance, i bought a sofa and paid sales tax on it when i bought it from the store, does the government want to double dip and collect again?

Tax fraud?

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my birth mother claimed me as a dependent on her taxes for 2018 even though I have not spoken to her/seen her/lived with her since I was 15. My dad has primary custody of me and she has not paid a dime for any of my education, expenses, ANYTHING in the past four years. I am 19 now but was 18 at the end of last... show more

What is obamacare?

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Best answer: A better healthcare system than what we have right now.

What would happen if taxes didn’t exist?

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I get taxes withheld from all of my paychecks, it causes me great financial distress and makes me question why I work in the first place if i can’t have every single penny to myself. The biggest portions of money withheld from my check are Social security and Medicare tax. I personally don’t approve of social... show more

Best answer: It has to be done once a year, and you don't have to pay anyone; you can do it yourself.

Best answer: Yes. If you receive or earn the pay, then you need to report it on your taxes. If you give it away to a 501(c)(3) charity, then you can deduct that on your taxes for the year that you give it away. If you give it away to a human, then you cannot deduct it. But, either way, you have to report it on your taxes... show more

Do I have to do taxes if its not really a business?

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I do tarot readings on instagram (Not for alot, like $7 per reading), would I have to put that in my taxes?

How do taxes work when renting a car from Lyft?

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I rent a car from Lyft. It costs $258 a week. I make the $258 to cover my rental and roughly an extra $30 that I put towards taxes. Will I have to claim everything as income next year? What can I deduct? The reason I m renting is because I totalled my car and can t afford a new one. I use my Lyft rental to get me... show more

Do I have to report my counterfeit cash income to the IRS?

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Is $300 a week on paycheck goo?

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Best answer: It'd go a long way in China.

Can you get in trouble for not filing taxes for 3years?

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Penalized for unclaimed income?

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Best answer: If you normally file on time and have never owed before, you can call the IRS and ask for the penalty to be waived. This does not waive the tax or interest.

Why won't Instacart deliver liquor or cigarettes?

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