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Tax Question?

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I have a bit of an odd question, this is my first time filing taxes. I know that I need to file federal and state, but do I have to file local?

During the 2018 year I had left my job at one company and began working for another the following week after my 2 weeks notice. I soon cashed out my 401k with my previous employer and had it all taxed upfront. Do I need to have a 1099-R received before I file my taxes? I also with my current employer took a loan... show more

Can my parents legally claim me on their taxes?

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I am 23 years old and gave birth to my newborn son in December. My boyfriend and I had been a saving to purchase a home since March but finally settled in our new place in November. I lived with my parents until we got the keys to our house because I didn’t want to move twice while pregnant (i stayed with my... show more

I did not get my Social Security check!?

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My daughter is only 7 weeks old. He asked for her SSN and my accountant said it doesn't really matter; because she resides with me, he has never bought her anything, he's not on her birth certificate, and there is some form we would need to fill out of me signing away my claiming her. So I just gave it to... show more

Does an employer pay taxes for an employee?

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I need my tax refund to pay off some debt?

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Best answer: If you are owed one & file for it you will get it.

2019 tax return?

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Best answer: The IRS is not processing returns until Jan. 28. H&R may have accepted your return, but it hasn't been filed with the IRS yet. Don't even bother checking again until at least Jan. 30. They'll be bombarded with returns and it will take several days for the status to be posted.

I work at a barbershop and am paid cash. Ive been working for the past 6 months and just last week i asked my boss for a 1099-Misc and he said that he would have it for me this week. I asked him about it again today and now he says i have to wait until march. Is there any reason why he would do this?

Need to get my W-2 Form from Kelly Services?

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How much federal tax will I owe?

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$25,400 w2 $2,530 stock Dividends Contributed $2,000 to a traditional ira. Contributed $550 to a 401K 39 years old, No dependants

He doesn't receive a w2. He is a self employed construction worker. They are asking for him to pay for the previous 4 years he has not paid his taxes for a total of a little over $36,000 The only problem is he does not have the funds available at the moment. He's asked me if I could pay the bill for him and... show more

Do I file taxes if I didn’t work? And if I have a child?

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