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I have very poor grades. I can’t do anything with my life other than working in Macdonalds. What do I do ?

Best answer: No, Jolene, I don't. In fact, I'd say absolutely NOT, under any circumstances. You and your colleagues are right to take the actions that you have. The next step is to get rid of all the electronics, including the computers, and go back to teaching kids basic subjects like reading and math the old fashioned... show more

Best answer: it is true

Do not completely change the sentence. Just correct capitalization mistakes, grammar, etc.

Best answer: It is terribly unhealthy for you to have so little sleep. You need *at least* 7 hours most nights, and really studies show that teenagers need 10 to be fully functional. If you don't find a way to do that, you could cause permanent harm to your body and/or brain, and I promise that harm will mess up your... show more

Too early for school?

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My high school starts classes at 7:20 am. Do you think that's too early?

Best answer: YOUR PARENTS are responsible for your education. If you get kicked out of one school, they have to find another that is willing to take you...That may mean they have to pay for private school, or that they have to educate you themselves, at home.

If a child acts mean in front other students what would you do? I would give the child a warning. and his/her behavior perists then i would put them on timeout during recess.

Best answer: I think you need to GROW UP some and QUIT WHINING. Detentions aren't supposed to be FUN. They're supposed to be a time in which you complete your school work as a punishment for bad behavior. The next step above this is a suspension, pal. And if you keep screwing up, you could get kicked out of school... show more

i live in a city with poor public schools but there are surrounding towns/suburbs with higher costs of living and some of the best schools in the country, i hate my school right now, if i use a fake address, can i attend school in one of the suburbs? if i get caught what will happen if i get caught?

Best answer: not a water fountain or a water facility, it is a sink for washing hands. Communal sink is probably the word that would apply (multiple faucets so many can use it at the same time). A locker-room sink might be used because that is where they seem to be found the most often, but that would be from a person that... show more

Best answer: No, you weren't held back. Most people graduate high school at 18, unless they have a summer birthday. Anyone who was born between September of 2000 and August of 2001 (in other words, anyone who turned/turns 18 between this past September and next August) should graduate from high school this spring.