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Is it too late for me?

11 answers · 2 days ago
I caused alot of trouble at school I have 3 suspensions and 8 Detentions and failed everything. I have this year and next year In secondary school left and I want to know is it too late for me to be a good student and get accepted into a college

I really really hate waking up at 7 and having to go to school and do presentations and be stressed and nervous and don't say suck it up that isn't helpful. I'm in Edmonton Alberta Canada and I am in grade 11 semester 2 and I am wondering is there any way I can get my high school diploma online or... show more

Best answer: First off, let me set you straight on something that most people are frightfully ignorant about.. THE SCHOOL DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ACCREDITED!!! Man that bit of misinformation bugs me! My son graduated from home school on an eclectic array of FREE courses we randomly found online then I slapped together his... show more

i am currently in 10th grade. I'm about to give my board exams. I've been considering law as a career option. What subjects should i opt for to become a lawyer? Also, i dont know if I'mgood enough to become a lawyer. I want to be sure about career choice. I'mpretty good at debating i think, I'm... show more

I’m moving from this school in a week and I have all f’s so I don’t have any time to bring them up!!! Am I gonna fail 😭😭😭😭

Hi, I go to boarding school... I go to school with about 100 kids. ( I know small) i’ve been going to this school for about 3 years now. every year around the end of year, 2 days before graduation we have a “ dance”. the school does not call it “ prom”. i’m senior in high school. i’ve never attended prom in... show more

Best answer: Kevin, your question reflects your ignorance about the true state of American public education. The US ALREADY SPENDS more money per student per year than ANY OTHER NATION ON EARTH, bar NONE. But we have PRECIOUS LITTLE to show for that investment. FACT: The US national HIGH SCHOOL graduation rate is currently... show more

Looking for advice , my son recently while in a lesson had a pencil threw at his eye. At the time the teacher was with another pupil and ignored his screams until another pupil asked if she was going to see if he was ok. He was then told to go to first aid on his own until another a friend chose to go with him the ... show more

Is a 2.3 Gpa good for 10th grader?

11 answers · 7 days ago
Best answer: Not necessarily but you still have 2 years to bring it up a little. I graduated with a 2.6 and I got into university.

What did he mean?

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I was talking with my co-worker today about how my daughter dislikes her school, and wants to go to private school. He said “if I had a daughter I would not send her to private school, they do a lot of bad things there.” What did he mean?

hi. I will try to keep this simple and short. I got in trouble for dress code and for “talking back” . I got two days of in school suspension for it. The people in the office have talked to my mom about it and everything and it was supposed to be just that, in school suspension. However, today I returned to class... show more

Best answer: I've already given you my advice about this. It doesn't sound like you know much about the schools. In my city, parents can apply to transfer their children to another school. If that's not true where you live, then move to somewhere where the schools are acceptable. BTW, academic success depends a lot... show more

Best answer: My friends and I stole some road signs and diverted all the traffic from the major road our school was on into the quadrangle middle of the school during peak hour. We caused major traffic issues through the Eastern of Sydney. It was funny watching people drove through the school grounds with confused looks on... show more

This kid at my school is bullying me. I am very weak and can not fight back. He has called me things like "Furry" "Gay" "High" or just overall taunting me. I do not fit into the categories above, so it is very offensive. Not only this kid, but a teacher too. What to do? Should I... show more

I know multiple kids who get to not go to foreign language classes and not have it affect their grade, and I wanted to research what this was and see if maybe I had it, since I suck at languages, but I don't know what to look up. Anybody know?