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What is1000 minus 55?

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Pee is stored in nutsack right?

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Best answer: Only if your nut sack is the size of a soccer ball. If it is don't come on here showing off.

What are the functions of a bus?

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Best answer: It's a structure that ties various circuits together in a digital device. Ex: Memory bus, or Power bus.

Best answer: No. Conscription is the antithesis of freedom. Government is the antithesis of freedom.

-3.6 divided by 1.8?

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Please help need help with homework

In my school, there’s a public presentation where you bring in something that you’re proud of (such as a trophy, badge, something you do after school) and you present it to your class for credit. The issue is, I’ve never done anything. I have never joined a sports team or earned a badge in anything. It doesn’t have... show more

Best answer: Just do an internet search on GDP rank.

Best answer: complex question. imho, this depends entirely on whether or not Ms. Beaumont will be a witness in the trial. If not, then the "doctor's" testimony may be excluded by the court as violation of doctor-patient privilege. However, if Ms. Beaumont does testify, then, imho, Doctor can be called in... show more

Best answer: Stop it.

Can someone pleasee answeerr?

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What do you call someone that does something someone says because they were afraid of them?,, This is for my homework.