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look down any street in any town, and it's usually crowded with an overabundance eateries, fast food joints and greasy spoons. how many places to eat does an area need? there can't be enough business to keep them all profitable. we don't need all these restaurants! when people start businesses, why... show more

Best answer: Very early starts, our local farmer is up at 5.30am 7 days a week. Milking again at 4.30 in the afternoon. A huge amount of cow sh****t. Lots of cleaning and scrapeing up. Never stand behind a cow they kick backwards. Good Luck. UK.

The supervising physician told the business owner some things I told her and now the business owner is very upset. He knows if he were to let me go, he will be in big trouble. Now, the business owner wants me to work closely with him. Why do bosses want people like that to work closely with them? Last year,... show more

Best answer: Location is key and who doesn’t like donutes?

Best answer: As long as your company is paying for it at fair market value then there is no issue. It's treated like any other transaction you would make at your company to furnish your office.

Best answer: Better pricing, products, and/or service.

By cultural, I mean a place where people can meet and discuss important matters, maybe talk about arts, or poetry, or science...maybe read books too

How can someone make money from the earth and still be environmentally friendly or any business in general? From earth or not.

How to make money without a job?

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I’m not old enough to get one on my own and want some of my own money so I don’t bother my parents by asking for theirs

Real work from home jobs?

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I want to start working at home, i tried doing some research on Google/youtube but everything I find is vague and doesnt really lead me anywhere. Looking suggestions on what to do?

I’m 18 years old and I’m really into restaurant and service and dining and bars are my favorite type of places. I love the environment and I want to try everything I can to do this. I’m obviously not gunna be able to open up a bar for a while, I was planning maybe when I’m in my late 20s or something. I wanted to... show more

I am 26 years old, without children and from a working-class family. I am currently a doctoral student in the field of Education. For the past decade or so, I've been in college and have continued to gain education. In the long-term, I want to become a professor/researcher. However, I really want to create my... show more

Or would it depend on your line of work? How to sign, the form im filling wants a title. Admin doesnt seem applicable if you also are doing everything. Or do you just use admin for emails until your big enough to hire an admin?

I just recently founded a couple of websites that could make me earn atleast 30,000 dollars but i know that's not enough for me.. Plus, i discovered one website called SHOPIFY (sorry if i spelled it incorrectly) it's a eCommerce website that allows me to make an online store with existing products to... show more

Best answer: It depends on the business and the income.

Do I need to be bonded and insured?