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What is your view on suicide?

62 answers · Polls & Surveys · 14 hours ago

What level of vegan are you?

125 answers · Polls & Surveys · 3 days ago

Who makes you nervous?

130 answers · Polls & Surveys · 3 days ago

Are you a morning person?

42 answers · Polls & Surveys · 1 day ago

What did you have or what will you have for dinner?

31 answers · Polls & Surveys · 13 hours ago

Christians, what proof do you have that GOD Exist?

50 answers · Celebrities · 2 days ago
Best answer: If their claim were valid, they would have proven it long ago. There is no proof. There is no evidence. There is no god thing. But those facts don't stop them from trying to force that god thing on us all. Why do religious people think they can force sane and sober adult people to pretend? I can not be... show more

Do you like the movie Cowboys & Aliens?

58 answers · Movies · 3 days ago

Online shopping or normal shopping?

31 answers · Polls & Surveys · 18 hours ago

POLL: Do you like Michael Jackson?

27 answers · Polls & Surveys · 17 hours ago

Best answer: A man was recently caught in the girl’s locker room spying on girls in my town at a high school women’s event. When security caught him, he was smart enough to say he identified as a woman, so they had to let him go and explain to the pissed off parents and traumatized girl, they couldn’t do anything because he... show more

What brought you to join yahoo answers?

172 answers · Polls & Surveys · 5 days ago

Name your least favorite pizza topping?

21 answers · Polls & Surveys · 4 hours ago

Do you prefer chinese food or indian food?

161 answers · Polls & Surveys · 4 days ago