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Will IRS take my refund AGAIN?

14 answers · United States · 2 days ago
This past February the irs took all of my refund and put it towards my student loan. I still owe $5,000 so I set up a payment plan. Will the irs take my refund again in 2019?

I have $8000 in student loans. They are sunsidized so I'm not required to pay them until 6 months after not being in school. I recently inheirted 5k. Although I don't have to make payments right now, I want to put this 5k towards my loan. Will this help my credit score if I do this? I was told by a friend... show more

I live in an 8 unit apartment in michigan. The landlady lives in one of the units. She feeds every stray cat in the neighborhood in our parkinglot. A few weeks ago, I accidentally backed over a cat. She rushed it to the vet and expects me to pay for the vet bills (nearly $2000). She has knocked on my door... show more

Like you were totally more qualified and reliable than the person who they have the promotion too.

He apparently put a statement in the purchase agreement that the house had to be free of tenants on closing. But, no one ever talked to me about that. I have already applied for an apartment in wisconsin, but will not be moving for 3 months. There are 4 months left on my lease. The first time I met him he was... show more

How can I get health insurence I can afford?

6 answers · Insurance · 1 day ago
I'm a 25 year old female. Im a server, so I dont make much money. I lost my job and had to move back in with my parents. Well, when I called to change my address , they told me my plan would be going for 47$ to 280$ a month. The only thing i need is bi polar medication. I dont need more than 3 visits a year.... show more

Inquiry About McDonalds Parking Allowance?

18 answers · Corporations · 1 day ago
I'm planning on attending a concert tomorrow night at this venu that's across from a McDonalds, so it would be very convenient if I was to park there to say the least. The issue that I would like to address is not knowing whether or not there will be consequences for me deciding to leave my car there for... show more

Can the bank cash a check of $15,000?

12 answers · Personal Finance · 14 hours ago
I got a check of $15,000 from my grandma’s estate and want to cash it. I have a checking account with Chase. Would they be able to cash it or cash some of it then put the rest in my account? Will it look suspicious to the IRS?

The buyer may have workers coming inside my house when I am working while my stressed out dog is at home with them. Is this legal? What are my rights now that the property has been sold. Also, living in Ventura County in California.

Are they just trying to get over?

12 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 13 hours ago
About a month ago I moved out of a place I was living due to the fact that I could no longer afford it.Typically when a tenant can’t pay..they move out before or after a eviction notice is issued.I have never in life encountered a landlord that still expects to be paid what I don’t me crazy but if I could... show more

Texas (standard TAA lease): what recouse do I have for loud neighbors?

14 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 2 days ago
I moved in 3 months ago, apt was quite and peaceful. Then my neighbors moved in. There are 6 adults and 2 kids in a 2 bd room. My leasing office says there is only suppose to be 2 adults and 1 child. They are constantly slamming doors and Idk it sounds like banging on the walls, the crazy part is they are below me... show more

Is 2,000 sq feet big enough for a 2 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom condo?

11 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 12 hours ago
Best answer: It's plenty. Ours is 1,780 sq ft with 3 BR (one used as an office), 2.5 baths, eat-in kitchen, living room, formal dining room and first floor laundry. It's plenty big enough.

How to get a job in retail?

7 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 2 days ago
Im finding it very hard to get a job at the moment. I have applied online and have gone into stores with my resume and cover letter and nothing back. I have had one interview in the last 8 months of applying. I dont have any experience in retail or customer service which I think is why I havent heard anything... show more