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Do Some Actors Love Acting?

9 answers · Auckland · 15 hours ago
Best answer: I think most actors LOVE acting - I think that is why they pursue it as a career. Most actors are not as successful as Christopher and HAVE to take whatever they are offered. Its only successful actors who can "choose" to not take a part if they don't want to. I like "The Dead Zone" - to me... show more

I'm doing it for a good cause Mrs Liz, qeen consort of england!

It appears that all you have to do use the word c**t, or ask one of their leaders to leave a restaurant and they lose control of bodily functions, soil themselves and end up as a quivering mass of blubber on the floor. Guns are now useless to them if you know the right words.

I have just sent the letter back to the DWP

Best answer: IF those Muslims were fleeing their Country for a better life, then, they should have gone to,logically, the nearby Islamic Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. where they are so short of qualified manpower that they need to lure mediocre non-Muslims, paying them top dollar and giving them special... show more