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What do you think of my poem?

5 answers · 2 days ago
Stay Out of the Rain I woke up alone Under rain’s dome Thunder moaned Flashes, lights, stones Heavens fell upon me No revelation to see The way of the world can be Locked with a bent metal key The man of gold sings aloud The penny man not proud Funny where they are now Where insane men howl Exchanging... show more

Best answer: In a literary sense, for writing to be considered "poetry" there must first be some kind of intentional structural element that is as much a part of the work's meaning as the words themselves. This can include commonly-recognized things ranging from rhyme and meter, to figures of speech like... show more

Best answer: The only way to determine that. Is on an individual basis. $$$ in sales of their work should answer that. Everything else is subjective. Today I may want an orange...tomorrow an apple.

In her poems she has written: "You were the careless smile on a melanchonic young man, you're an endless summer in my heart" "I'm thinking about your childhood I., spent playing hide and seek in snipers stations [...] I'm thinking about you, I. in the morning, the road is deserted... show more

I just can't, I really love to have deep conversations with people , but the problem is that it's difficult for me to find the right words , I like to speak in a poetic way but I simply can't, in certain situations when people asks me whats the matter , I wish that i can show them a quote or a poem... show more

Is this poem good? Its my first one.?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
Why wont they stop? Why wont they stop? They wont stop controlling my thoughts They wont stop controlling my decisions I feel like they control me They wont let me feel free Why wont they get out of my head? Why wont they stop? Why wont they let me eat? Why can't they just let me be happy? Why do they let me... show more

Best answer: Small genitals.

Why can't it be summer?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
I want summer now. I'm gonna throw a tantrum. I need lazy hot days taking naps on the beach. I want to sneak cold beers to the fireworks. And burn my feet on the sand. Why? Why is this life so subpar?